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t - talking tech

Loved the last episode, good old times like Diggnation.

Great podcast

Been a follower of Kevin for years and am happy to see he has another podcast out. Great interviews and interesting guests that keeps me listening.

Great to have Kevin back

Been watching Kevin since screen saver days glad he is doing informative podcasts again hope he keeps up a steady schedule of new podcasts sometimes the wait is too long.

Love this podcast!

I'm an avid podcast listener and this one is tops. If you're into tech, health/fintness, etc I HIGHLY recommend!!!

Always great info

Great poscast. Always love hearing your insight, and reviews.

Trustworthy Host

I really enjoy the topics Kevin covers and can count on him to be thoughtful and thought provoking with his guests and topics. Looking forward to having more than one a month. Keep up the good work.

Great host, great guests, great podcast

I really like Kevin Rose. He's a thoughtful host and is covering a variety of topics with great guests. One of my regular podcasts

Great podcast

Just started listening. Found Kevin Rose and subscribed to the newsletter via Tim Ferriss. If you like his stuff, you will like Kevin Rose. Keep up the good content!

Great content. Looking forward to more.

Enjoy hearing about tech, mindfulness, and work/life balance.


Very insightful.

Always interesting

In some ways, it feels like Kevin has matured a lot since the Diggnation days, but if you listened closely back then, you could always detect some interesting insight and curiosity about new ideas in between the swigs of beer. This show is, finally, a sort of realization of that pondering; a deep dive into fascinating subjects across a wide variety of themes. If I have to give this podcast one critique, it would be that I am not personally as interested in the body hacking ideas, and often find myself wondering how unusual some of the guests’ lives must be to accommodate some of the weird schedules and activities that they suggest. Still, this is absolutely a five-star podcast, and I highly recommend it. Well done, Kevin.

Great podcast!

Can always count on Kevin to provide great info in a clear, concise, actionable manner.

Diggnaton Redux

May not be as random and beer heavy as the diggnation old days, but still packed with great info and tips that I can listen to when I can't sleep.


Kevin Rose does an excellent job asking questions we all may have in an intelligent, thoughtful manner. His podcast is not laden with cliched questions or phrases. His interview with Ryan Holiday is amazing! I'm so excited his podcast. Lucky for us listeners!!

Kevin Exploring a more Mature Medium

Coming from the days of Digg, Diggnation, followed by a decade+ stint of serial entrepreneurship, angel investing, and honing his business skills, Kevin Rose has returned to the content creation world. This time in the form of the occasional podcast and a monthly email newsletter from . Kevin appears both hesitant and deliberate in his content, carefully curating the podcast guests and newsletter subject matter to prevent himself from becoming another loud voice in a deafening world. The result is nothing short of insightful and informative - a thoroughly enjoyable listen or read that leaves you wanting more. I’m certainly hoping that Kevin sticks around in this medium for a long time to come, as he clearly has more to offer.

Always great and slightly out there

Great podcast. Kevin always has something interesting and things you don’t hear elsewhere. Case in point, the episode with Ben Greenfield really added a lot of info, made me reconsider diet, sitting at work and exercise

Excellent variety of information

Kevin Rose has some of the best guests I've heard.

Long time listener

Love the new format and monthly journal


Thank you, Kevin! Please, don't stop.

Thoughtful and Relevant

Kevin is dialed in to the movers, the meaningful, the relevant, the tech and non-tech, the critical topics for living.

Really enjoying!

Always have enjoyed Kevin's perspective on things. Followed him from his Digg days, recently found that he had this podcast. Just subscribed and have downloaded all his episodes! Keep 'me coming!

Ryan Holiday

Kevin's curiosity leads to great questions and and excellent conversation with Ryan Holiday on stoicism. Well worth anyone's time.


This is excellent. In a tech-world that values and emphasizes cursory exploration it's nice to have a tech-related podcast that goes beyond the surface.

Great brain food!

Love the topics, guests and the heart/integrity of Kevin Rose

Good podcast

Really enjoyed the interview with Ryan Holiday.

Easy listening

Got onto Kevin Rose though his email news letter. Then I found out about the podcast. Great show, insightful and easy to listen to.

Kevin is a humble guy on the pulse and is someone I listen to!

Love Kevin ... humble guy on the pulse, has a high-teachability as he is always willing to learn & change. Kevin has a wealth of personal experience and an awesome network that allow you/me, the listener to peep behind the curtain of the Great OZ and see that you too can do it. Kevin Rose is someone I listen to! Thank you Kevin for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us ;-)

Fantastic Interview

I was introduced to Stoicism and Ryan Holiday by Tim Ferriss. Tim also introduced me to Kevin. I enjoy Kevin's newsletter but I was alerted to this podcast via Ryan's newsletter. I have read the Obstacle is The Way by Ryan and now subscribe to the Daily Stoic. Kevin asked questions of Ryan that give listeners even greater insight into the basic tenants of Stoicism and of its history. It was a pleasure to hear about ways in which Stoicsm can help anyone struggling with anything and how Kevin and Ryan use various stoic practices to aid them in living life-day to day in a very healthy way. P.S. I am not giving 5 stars because Kevin asked but because it is deserved.

Worth the time

Long time follower of Kevin and enjoyed hearing the newest episode on Stoicism. Keep up the good work!

Great podcast

He is great at asking his guests actionable steps you can apply to your own life right away.