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As Useful as it is Entertaining

From life hacks to life coaches, this podcast has something to help everyone. Kevin Rose is a sharp witty guy. By all means check this one out I would like to add one thing. He is like a talent scout bringing you a great collection of mentors and gurus.

Great conversations. Real talk.

I have to say I've been a fan of Kevin Rose for many years (like early TechTV days). I find Kevin to be authentic and knowledgeable about a great many topics. His conversations are insightful and informative and it's great to listen to him in this medium. It's like chatting with an old friend. If you want to elevate your life and learning, like I do, then listening to this podcast is crucial. Keep it up Kevin. I look forward to listening and learning more from you!

Good fodder

enjoy Kevin's podcast...low key style, not about him, great guests, interesting content

Great podcast

Lots of interesting content!

Kevin Rose Show

Started following Kevin back in the TWIT days with Leo. Through Dig and Milk and Google Venture to today. Never disappoints in giving me insights into all sorts of topics I am interested in as I and Kevin changed with the tech world.

A Gem of a Podcast

So much valuable information that can be absorbed from each episode. Long live this podcast!!!

The best !!

From Diggnation to Foundation to The Random Show And now this. Keep up the good work Kev-Kev

Good stuff

I've been following Kevin Rose since The Broken. He's intelligent, insightful and entertaining. I'm a big fan. Most of the podcasts have covered topics I have been interested in, but, surprisingly I have found that the ones I didn't think I would like to be the most entertaining and beneficial.

Podcast for the curious

Thanks for the quality content Kevin! Your genuine curiosity makes for engaging, informative and entertaining interviews.

The Kevin Rose Show

I've been a long time fan of Kevin and his work. Very smart and informative. He's also on the cutting edge of cool and important things happening.


Kevin was there for the invention of the podcast. This show is at the top of my list, as well as any of the other shows he's done over the years. Great content and a very interesting human. I've enjoyed growing with Kevin over the years and hearing about what's working on and into now. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a tech or self improvement podcast.


A good mix of serious and fun. I have listened to him a lot over the years and almost every time is interesting. His shows always have good production and are filled with great info and ideas.

Great podcast

Love the content and format. Highly recommend.

Always entertaining

This is a nice progression from Diggnation to more mature subjects. Always enjoy hearing what's new in the industry and trends that Kevin follows. Keep up the great work!

If you love Tim Ferriss you will love this

I find that Kevin gives great interviews and takes unique paths in converstaions with his guests.

Love the Podcast

Kevin Rose is a good interviewer and I really like to hear his own experiences woven in with his guests perspectives. Very educational, entertaining and thought provoking for me!

Great show

I have been following Kevin since the TechTV days. This is one of my favorite podcasts because the topics tend to be pretty on point with what ever obsession I am currently geeking out on, and the way show flows it feels more like I’m listening to old friends than a podcast.


Just listened to the ep w/Alex & it brought back great memories.

Love this show

Keep making more. Very good stuff!

Great interviews

I really enjoy listening to Kevin Rose. He chooses interesting personalities to discuss far ranging topics. I don’t miss a week.

Always a good listen

Love following Kevin Rose and his guests are always interesting! Definitely one of my go to podcasts!


Kevin takes a very cool and introspective look into a lot of areas. When you read his story and check every thing out, you really see how impressive this podcast is

Getting good

I just found this podcast, years after diggnation ended. Low and behold, Alex is on the 2nd podcast I listened to. I like the format and look forward to the variety.

Loved diggnation podcasts

You should have Alex Albrecht on your show more often!

Thanks Kevin

Thank you Kevin for everything you do. I have been a fan since the diggnation days and the most recent episode with Alex was very nostalgic for me. I appreciate it.

One of my favorites!

I’ve followed Kevin for over a decade and this, along with the journal, is his finest work. I love the interviews and insight. My only suggestion would be to tone down some of the language. I like to listen to podcasts with my kids in the car and the episode with Alex was quite a shock. I’ve recommended this podcast to a lot of people and honestly I’m hoping they skip that one.


Alex‘s been in the text is for many years, a great listen.

I just listened to ep. 15 with Alex

It feels like Diggnation! I hope you guys do more these!

I just wish there were more of them

I enjoy everyone of them, I just wish he produced them more often which I guess it's one of the best compliments someone can get.

So good.

Just listened to Kevin and Alex ramble on like the old days. Love the format.