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Always interesting

Kevin gives back to the community by providing insightful, interesting and accessible info and interviews on a variety of topics. There are useful nuggets for just about anyone. Love the show and Kevin's curiosity and congenial manor. Highly recommended! Thanks Kevin!

Broad range of topics pursued with authentic interest. Great podcast!

I have been a fan of Kevin's ever since I watched a Trent Reznor interview on Digg. I think Kevin has a knack for just the right amount. His monthly newsletter and this podcast are perfect examples of executing on that. I feel like there is a ton of esoteric podcasts out there, this podcast however feels more palatable and pleasurable to listen to. Kevin’s authentically interested approach coupled with his jovial engagement with his wide range of guests truly is what makes this podcast special. I find myself looking forward to the newsletter and this podcast. You’re doing something right mate! Great work. Travis D.

Diggnarion to His Own Show

Great show Kevin Rose, recommend this podcast to all.

Excellent pod

Kevin has excellent guests and knows when to let them speak and just sit back. Keep it up

Good insightful conversations

Kevin Rose seems to have a good grasp of technology trends and a great ability to extract meaningful information from his guests. I’m a long time viewer of his Foundation YouTube channel and it’s cool to see the quality transferred over to his podcasts. Keep it up! -Joaquin

Excellent From the Onset

Kudos to Kevin both the informative guest ensemble to date as well as his talent as an interviewer. Great ideas and suggestions over a wide range of life topics with very little commercialism interlaced. Particularly enjoyed the recent Crypto discussion.

Continuous learner

Kevin presents innovative thinkers who challenges current paradigms.

With andrea

Great podcast on bitcoin, technical parts were dead on

Very thoughful podcast

Kevin chooses his guests thoughtfully and gives them room to talk. He is a great interviewer and thinker and you feel his interest.


Great show. Always learn something new and never gets dull

Kevin's Excellence in Execution Continues

As a millennial from Silicon Valley I have been a big fan of Kevin Rose for years. His previous Foundation video series was one of my favorite podcasts and The Kevin Rose Show is a natural evolution from there. Keep up the wonderful conversations!


The bitcoin talk was a wide ranging conversation with lots of information. I’m going to listen to it again.

Thoughtful, great.

Smart talks with a diverse group of smart folks. Def worth a listen. Makes me miss the Diggnation days.

Thoughtful & well executed

Kevin does a great job of asking the "n00b" questions to break complex topics like Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies down for his listeners. He's aware of his audience and mindful of their time and attention. Really loved the most recent episode on Bitcoin, I understand it so much better now and am thoroughly excited about it. I'm a pretty technical person, but having a ground-up explanation like the one Kevin facilitated from an industry expert was super helpful.


This show is very high quality. Kevin has very interesting guests and it always a great listen!

So many great insights

Love the podcast. Wonderful interviews! Keep up the great work

Kevin Rose - Favorite Podcast

I can honestly say, this is the first podcast that I have listened twice in a row. I have listened to many different podcasts on crypto currencies, as well as read different books and blogs but I found Kevin's latest podcast featuring Andreas Antonopoulos facinating. The episode was both informative yet not overly detailed to the average user. I am now in the middle of episode #11 with Ryan Holiday and enjoying it the same. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future episodes.

Absolutely profound podcasts, sometimes stunning interviews

Kevin’s real gift, I think, is drawing out people he’s talking with , in a manner not unlike having a one on one conversation with someone in a bar. Plus, he exudes a certain level of sincerity that enables his subjects to feel completely relaxed during question and answer give and take. Prompted to do this review after listening to ‘Bitcoin’s true potential, with Andreas Antonpoulas.’ Don’t miss this, it really is a window into some exciting stuff coming down the pike. Brilliant and fun show. Exceptional guests. What more to say ? Alan, Quantum Leap Unlimited

Tons of useful information

Great episode with AA

New tech insights

Kevin is a Bay Area geek that has his head to the ground better than most in the industry. Listen to hear good insights to new tech and what it means in our world.

Excellent addition to the rotation!

I keep TF, Gary V, and Kevin Rose on my podcast lists at all times. I love Kevin. His laid back attitude and curious mind make this a great podcast. I love how he dives into different worlds, and asks questions we care about.

Informed interesting guests

Solid listen for those looking to hack themselves.

High Value Content

Kevin Rose presents guests who are intriguing, intelligent, intellectual, and most of all the people come from many walks of life. I never refer friends or family to one particular podcast’s episode, but I have referred particular episodes of Kevin’s show multiple times now. Kevin’s monthly email is great as well.

Good conversations!

Kevin is a very genuine and curious interviewer, and his guests are very interesting. The subject matter may not be for everyone, but it's absolutley worth a listen.

It's good to hear Kevin agin

Always been a fan of Kevin Rose, glad that he has a consistant podcast back

Thank you

Very informative!

Now one of my Top 5

I’ve come to really love the Kevin Rose podcast. His episodes are relevant, super interesting and occasionally inspiring. I tend to skip those episodes where his guest may be using offensive language, but those are infrequent.

Always insightful

Kevin love the direction you take with the podcast - kinda following your curiosity some. The episode with you and Andreas Antonopolous was the best in-depth conversation on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency I've heard.

Great show

I had almost given up on Podcasts until I found Kevin Rose was back. Now I only wish he had a video version.

Getting better every time I listen!

I really like the show. A good selection of topics and not too out of reach