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Recommending to all my friends.

Kevin is one of the best podcasters out there. Every show is packed with useful info. I mean, body hacking, crypto currency, and even journals. And also I do hope he brings back Alex on the show.


Kevin is a great host and has had some really interesting guests. Please keep doing what you’re doing man!

Tim Ferriss has some competition

Just heard my first episode – #16 - Bitcoin's true potential, with Andreas M. Antonopoulos – and have to say this was well done. Looking forward to the next one. Olé.

KRS Crypto Show # 2 was great!

I just discovered this podcast. Listened to a very in-depth interview with Rob Viglione, a co-founder of the privacy coin ZenCash. Fairly technical for a layman but worth the listen.

Insightful Interviews

Kevin has great guests on his show. Each speaker offers their unique perspective on life, and the valuable life lessons they've learned.

Kevin never disappoints

From the days of TechTV to his current status of internet God when Kevin has something to say I know it’s worth hearing. He seems like a genuinely down to earth guy that has achieved great success based on his own hard work and passion for what he does. I’m a big fan and have enjoyed all of the podcast so far! Keep up the good work Kevin from a long time fan…

Great Podcast

I don't listen to everyone, only those that I think would be of interest, but I have enjoyed all of those

Listen to this - you won’t regret it!

I’ve been following Kevin since the start of the Diggnation days. Very insightful and down-to-earth. I hope he continues to do more with Alex Albrecht - the combination of the two of them has always been hilarious.

Great show

Always interesting dialog with great guests.

Great podcast, I eagerly await a new episode.

Kevin’s shoe has become a staple amongst the list of shows I listen to. I have shared this to many friends who have enjoyed the episodes.

Great podcast!

Kevin has a cool background and career. The podcast blends Kevin’s tech expertise and experience and mixes it with current events. The podcasts has a variety of topics and guests. You will enjoy it.

5 Stars

Really great interviewer and guests experts in their fields. Must listen!

Wow... just wow!

Much in the same vein of Tim Ferriss but somehow slightly more relate-able, Kevin Rose has gathered some amazingly intriguing and thought provoking guests to join him in a wide range of discussions. Always hungry to know more and asking questions in his very down-to-earth way, listening to Kevin’s podcast is like listening to two learned friends talking shop (albeit polished up for general consumption). I’ve been a fan of Kevin’s since back in the Diggnation days and one thing I can say for certain is if you listen/read/watch what he puts out you will learn something every time.

Long time fan!

I’ve been a follower and consumer of Kevin’s audio and video-based interviews for about 5 or 6 years now and I have to say that this is probably my favorite incarnation. Long form and in-depth about so many relevant topics with such knowledgeable people. The best part is that it feels like a casual conversation with a couple of friends. I’d give this podcast a sixth star if I could!

Insightful & Good vibes

Recently found Kevin's podcast after following The Journal for a long time and hearing him on Joe Rogan's podcast. Kevin's a great interviewer and listener, and vibes really well with the guests. It's not a Tim Ferriss knock-off — Kevin's interests are nerdier and geekier and that's a good thing. Audio quality is phenomenal, it's really well produced. Dude is smart af and it's worth a listen.

Interesting Guests & Interesting Perspectives

Kevin is a terrific listener, meaning he is able to respond with terrific questions. His wide spectrum of experience is refreshing to hear.

Incisive and Powerful

The bitcoin episode converted me. Really informative stuff and kevin is a no-fluff interviewer.

Straightforward, quality content

Have enjoyed Kevin Rose’s newsletter and interviews on other podcasts. I like the overall mix of content and vibe. Overall value is at a high enough level that I would be willing to pay some Satoshi Lite to keep it commercial free...


Kevin hasn’t disappointed since the days of Tech TV. Great to be able to hear you again, loving all of the podcasts on crypto currencies! And the podcast with Alex!

Excellent Podcast

Kevin always delivers no matter what project he works on.

Great Conversation

Great job Kevin. Moseyed over here from your appearances on the Tim Ferriss PodCast and I'm not dissapointed at all! Loved the Travel / Finance hack episode!

You will learn great stuff!

I have been following Kevin since the diggnation days, love the podcast!

Not always but still

Very informative and honest. Thanks for all the hard work Kevin.

Great show

Great show

Great podcast, even for non techies

I really like Kevin's comfortable style of interviews and he sources awesome guests.

Great Insights

Kevin has great guests and asks the questions I would ask if they were having their conversation in the room with me.. What I mean is that Kevin and his guests keep me fully engaged when listening to this podcast. I feel smarter after each listen.

Nice Podcast

Good guests, easily digestible, and covers useful/interesting topics that motivate me to be more productive, thoughtful, and organized

Excellent Show

Kevin only gets better with age! :) I’ve been a loyal fan for many years.

BTC potential...

All guests are insightful and educational. Each podcast I’ve listened to has been a great use of time and, in combination with the newsletter, offer a wealth of practical wisdom. Discussion with Andreas had several highlights including that ‘open neutral protocols are fast enabling mini markets for our excess bandwidth, cpu, storage, solar, homes, cars, etc.; streaming payments are coming soon and payment processing is cause of centralization... implying Uber and Airbnb are primarily providing payment management services. Intrigued to learn more about Bitgive as new charitable giving model using blockchain to provide visibility of use of funds. Not sure how that concept doesn’t lead to a dramatic increase in contributions and eventually become a prerequisite for nonprofits. Lastly, glad quantum computing question was asked and good to know that ‘cryptographic algos can and will eventually be upgraded to be quantum resistance’. I’ll sleep better now.

Great guests, wonderful interviews

I've enjoyed every episode I've heard. His guests are interesting, open and authentic. I enjoy his wide range of topics - everything from health and fitness to meditation to technology. His podcasts are cutting edge in a down to earth language in a wide range of topics. One of my two favorite podcasts.