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Interesting and educational

Kevin is an awesome speaker with an interesting background and diverse interests. His guests are fascinating and the interviews are entertaining, educational and thought provoking.

Excellent quality guests, High value content

Been listening to Kevin Rose now for several months. Really enjoying the top guests he brings on the show and I find the content valuable for my life. I especially enjoyed the Soren Gordhamer podcast from Aug 11,2017.

Good and getting even better

I first got introduced to Kevin via The Tim Ferriss podcast which was my favorite and most often listened to podcast. However, I'm now actually finding myself listening to KR more often than TF! I've listened to all of his episodes and I think he's getting better by the day, really coming into his own.

Great variety

I love the topics Kevin picks! One of my favorite podcasts

Highly Recommended

I have been following Kevin Rose since his diggnation days. His content was great then, it is even better now. Highly recommended.

Kevin Delivers Yet Again

Kevin comes out of the gates like a seasoned podcaster in his 1st episode and even gets better. This podcast brings engaging and relevant topics that have a range of diversity. From health and wellness with Ben Greenfield and Dr. Rhonda Patrick to travel to crypto currency and Back. I’m binge listening tonight!

Huge success!

I've been following Kevin since his Diggnation days with Alex and never cease to be inspired by his curiosity for learning and quest to become a better human being. Absolutely love the podcasts related to crypto, body hacking, and self-improvement in general. Sadly, I've now run out of episodes to listen to, but have been recommending this podcast to all my friends and coworkers. Love it! Keep them coming!

Great Resource for Thought Leadership

Kevin puts together a very easy to follow and informative podcast with great guests!

One of the great humans

It’s so rare to find someone putting out incredibly valuable content (for free at that). And Kevin has been doing it for years. There are life changing gems I’ve discovered through Kevin and feel lucky to have stumbled on his stuff. He is not a scammy “self-help” guy and peddles no gimmicky crap. Just a down to earth dude who also happens to be super smart and friends with other great people that you can learn from through his interviews. Thanks for everything you do man.

If you’re into Tim Ferriss’s work, you’ll like this one too

When I thought Tim Ferriss is the only guy I want to listen to, came Kevin with his podcast. Thank you very much for producing something so good and valuable. Keep them coming!

Love the Crypto Talk

I like Kevin's subdued manner and recent dive into cryptocurrency. Very informative and tech / wellness centric.

Love it!

I love the show and I'm glad Kevin is regularly putting out content again.

great interviews

Really great interviews, especially loved his interview with Tim Urban. Kevin rose puts out a high quality podcast, highly reccomended.

Awesome content!!!!

Been watching and listening to Kevin since diggnation all the way from Guatemala!!!

Kevin kills it

My introduction to Kevin was a consequence of my incessant thirst for the knowledge of all things crypto. Needless to say, his interview with Andreas Antonopolous was exactly what I was looking for. It was thoughtfully articulate; Kevin's awareness for the variance in his audience's requisite knowledge led to breadth in conversation that can be appreciated by the full spectrum of technical sophistication. Keep up the good work.

Always Interesting

Always love what Kevin Rose has to say. Extremely interesting and helpful content. Episodes aren't long. He gets right to the point and asks all the questions I'm interested in. Keep it up!

Makes me miss Diggnation

Where’s Alex?

Learning Lots!!!

Thorough and interesting interviews. I am learning so much about a variety of topics!

The Best Interviewer of all Podcasts

Kevin is wise, thoughtful, incredibly insightful and knows how to ask all the right questions. Every single show has been very educational and I eagerly await each new episode. He also does a monthly newsletter that is concise and distills the internet down to the most interesting information. Big fan of anything this guy does or recommends :)

Fascinating podcast from a tech pioneer

I grew up watching Kevin Rose on Diggnation. He has always been on the cutting edge of the tech revolution we are experiencing all around us. Amazing podcast. Worth your time.

Top 5 podcast out there

This podcast has helped change my life. Here's what has occurred since I started listening: Lost weight, made + saved 💰, more present, can go on & on. Thanks Kevin !


Love the in-depth conversations and the relaxed styel Kevin has. Always look forward to new episodes.

Great Podcast

Kevin's interview style is relaxed and he's selected some fantastic guests. Keep it up!

A Rose by any other name...

I dig Kevin because I can't figure out if he is a super-genius technocrat from Silicon Valley or just a very down to earth inquisitive and thoughful guy. Great conversations with great guests. Keep the intresting conversaton flowing Kevin.

Smart - Honest - Funny - Informative

I have followed KR since the beginning of his career. He has always been all of those things listed above. If you are not one of the lucky people to have him as a friend, this Podcast is the next best thing. Bill Maris episode is a great example. Thank you Kevin Rose.


Kevin is smart and unpretentious. I love his humble curious mind working hard to bring out the best of specialists in their field!

One of my favorites

This is one of the best podcasts out there. Thank you Kevin!

Little bit of everything

Longtime fan of Kevin’s shows and humor as well as his interests. Thanks for sharing your voice.

Really Awesome!

The podcast covers a range of topics, so you are bound to find episodes you are interested in. He is a great interviewer. Can't wait for more!

Yes it's forked into Crypto too

Even tho reddit all the way, I really appreciated listening to Kevin Rose on other podcasts. His mindset is really thoughtful and that is a hard thing to find. Defintely can see the correllary to Tim ferriss but it's totally different in a unique way. I've binged through a few episodes right now and I feel like my brain has been overloaded with intersting things to read about, find, buy, try, and learn about. His crypto episodes are awesome too.