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One of my go to Podcasts!

I’ve been following Kevin’s career since screensavers. Was thrilled to learn he had a podcast and have not been disappointed. His genuine curiosity and humility comes through his podcast as a very easy conversation that you are a part of. Keep it up Kevin!

Favorite podcast

This podcast has become my favorite podcast. Great topics, intelligent questions. Not a ton of episodes, but that’s because he focuses on the quality of the content, not quantity of content. Thanks Kevin!

Sleep--Matthew Walker

Another great show, and this one affects us all. Much practical and other information. Great guest and well-down interview by Kevin, as usual. Highly recommended.

Speaks to me

I stumbled upon this show as something to occupy my 45 min commute. After 1 episode I was hooked. After a dozen or so more I must say, his guests are really inspiring. I've found little nuggets of wisdom in each episode that I'd like to apply to my own life. Thanks Kevin

Huge fan

Love Kevin’s podcasts, I think he gets very interesting guests and has a really good way to create interesting conversations with specialists. Crypto podcast is great too, I find his way of breaking things down and explaining everything both entertaining and educational. Keep up the good work and bring us more!

please rename the show

obvious opportunity to rename this show KRS-1 (kevin rose show) after one of the best rappers ever

Kevin's Show

Is always a useful perspective. His podcasts seem well contemplated and usually pretty actionable. When he has guests that have appeared on other podcast platforms, he still finds new information to get out of them. Highly recommend.

From Tech to Biohacking...Great Podcast!

I’ve followed Kevin Rose since his debut on ScreenSavers and seen his rise as he founded, ran and sold DIGG (along with funny Diggnation podcast). This podcast is great and continues the dialog of self improvement and general life curiosities. The guest are smart and the dialog natural and informative. Enjoy.

Great Show With Some Amazing Guests

Great format and great guests! I love the range of topics. In one episode you're hearing from Elon Musk and Bill Maris and in anohter you're hearing from Kevin and Brad Dowdy talking about the best notebooks, pens, and paper. OK, so I LOVE a good Moleskine and I may nerd out more than others. Very worth a listen and your time. Can't wait to see who the next guest is.

Brain Candy

I really enjoy listening to Kevin Rose. The substance of his show is amazing.

My first ever review on Podcasts:)

Kevin, thank you sooo much for your great job! I really enjoy listening to each episode, because guests are so interesting and smart. I can recommend this podcast everybody who want to be more ingelligent in the personal development area. Thanks once again:)

Great content

Audio quality has improved greatly since the beginning. Compelling and interesting content. How about inviting more woman guests on? Your wife maybe? Health and biohacking woman? Woman in tech? Etc. Thanks for sharing your world.

Insanely interesting podcast :)

I really like the choice of podcast's guests. Being a full crypto guy, tech entrepreneur and a taoist makes this podcast a perfect match for me. Kudos to the whole crew behind this show.


interesting and thought provoking topics and guests. what more do you want?

Really enoying the new show

I've been a fan of Kevin since Tech TV days. Like others have said, this new show is similar in format to JRE or Tim Ferris with an interview an expert type format. The production and sound is very good and I have enjoyed all the guests so far. Kevin is very clear he is not an expert on most of these topics and encourages listeners to do their own research. If you like the show, get on the once a month email newsletter.

Can’t wait for more

Just started listening to Kevin on my runs. Excited to continue! Thanks Kevin.

The Best

Full disclosure I’ve only listened to one episode (travel/retirement hacks) but it was literally life changing. The fact he goes the extra mile to make show notes so I don’t have to sit there pausing to make notes about the products and websites he talks about makes it 5*+. Can’t wait to listen to every episode and keep up the great work Kev!

Best podcast for improving yourself

I have been following Kevin for years so I’m not surprised this podcast is fantastic.


At first I thought the guy was a douche. Then I started getting used to him, he has interesting guests. I appreciate the podcast.

A top notch podcast!

Provides a wealth of information on a variety of useful topics from actual experts without a bunch of ads! Thank you!!!

Great guests, super great show!!!

I am just now starting the show but I’m going to go back and listen to each episode! I’ve been really impressed with every conversation. It’s like overbearing 2 really interesting people chat for an hour!



Everything and the kitchen sink!

I have been following Kevin since the screen savers days..... lol. I enjoy his podcast and all the varied topics that he brings to the table. He keeps you engaged because you can relate to him on so many levels and not just tech but you get a sense that he is a good human being and is passionate about life. His podcast with Jordan Harbinger was eye opening. I could relate to his story and the internal dialog one has with themselves. Keep up the great work Kevin! I look forward to your shows and newsletter.

Long time fan

I’ve been a fan of Kevin since the Dark Tipper Days. I will admit to being a fanboy and visiting live tapings of the Screensavers right after the LA move. I haven’t followed this recent podcast but I’m glad I did again. Always insightful, enjoyable with just enough irreverence to make me laugh.

Great show.

Very entertaining, insightful, honest. I recommend this show (and Kevin’s monthly newsletter) to anyone that wants to stay ahead of the curve with new information on the most recent pieces of research and news in technology/crypto and your general well-being.

Lov’n it

Great show with interesting guests.

Really great podcast

I heard about Kevin Rose through the Tim Ferriss podcast, and gave it a chance based on the fact that he seemed like a nice guy. The show kept me around because he’s a great interviewer, and the people are usually someone I have never heard of. I like how the show feels very much like a conversation, and how he makes everything sound interesting (yes, even pens and notebooks). Thanks for making this Kevin, I really enjoy it.


I have been a fan of Kevin Rose since back in the Diggnation days and I will always listen/watch anything he has to offer. I love his approach to "life hacking". A lot of great ways to improve your life and continue to learn and grow. As well as some just really intersting topics and people he has on the show.

Great podcast!

Great content and enjoy the questions that get asked.

Incredibly Entertaining!

Great job Kevin. This is by far one of the better podcast shows I have listened to. It is both educational and entertaining. I have been a Kevin Rose fan since Tech TV. I am inspired by all that your doing and giving the tech world. Keep up the great work and I hope to meet you some day.