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Kevin Rose is Relatable, Interesting and Interested in the World

What I like about Kevin Rose's show is that he comes across as a good guy who's not an egomaniac. I listen to a lot of bro-casts and the difference with Kevin is he asks pertinent questions, approaches from a place of learning, and doesn't drone on and on to hear the sound of his own voice. Sure, he has some of the same people that appear on other millennial male podcasts, so what. I'd be much more likely to listen to them on Kevin's podcast than on others. Oh, and I'm always forwarding stuff Kevin likes to my 75 year old mother, who loves his suggestions on everything from pens to tiny origami. He appeals to a wide audience.

Pure Gold!

Listened to all of the episodes... And some of them twice.

Good stuff

For me it is always interesting, love the variety of subjects.

Kevin is kool

Love the podcast. Easy to listen to, Kevin is super chill. Also Kevin play my game Tricky Tube :D

Kevin & Alex

Like Rice and Beans!


Been listening to/watching Kevin since the Digg days. Awesome as always, especially when he has Alex on.

Quality Content

Kevin does great interviews and chats with his friends, he makes 1 or 2 a month Max but each podcast delivers true insight and knowledge, he’s also the creator of Oak a free mindful app which is one of my top apps for being a better person to myself and other people, you truly can’t miss subscribing to this podcast 😎

Always great to listen

Kevin never disappoints. He's a great interviewer and asks the right questions.

Bring it back.

The Alex episodes are really great. Bring back Diggnation!!

One of The Smartest Voices Around

Kevin’s podcast is one of the most interesting and beneficial podcasts that I listen to. His guest list is full of highly intelligent, highly productive and most importantly, educational knowledge experts who will help you get better. I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait for the next episode. Well done!!!

Curator of Cool

Kevin Rose has proven himself to be a curator of things I find interesting and cool. There's so much information in the world and I'm always finding new rabbit holes to fall into. Usually it's Kevin's fault. Last year I lost about 4 hours of my day learning about how to make shiny mud balls... this is not a joke (thanks Kevin). He's an interesting guy with a intetesting life and he has a keen eye for the... you guessed it... the interesting.

Great Podcast

Kevin is a super thoughtful tech entrepreneur and investor. He digs into topics that interst him and he thinks his audience might like. I disagree with the reviews that call it a ripoff of Mr. Ferriss... they are friends with different podcasts for different audiences. Keep up the great work! Digging Oak App as well... getting ready download 2.0!


TechTV, Digg and now KRS. Keep up the great work!


Fills a gap between the life-work balance. Has a subtle West-coast vibe, which is appreciated by this person on the East-coast.

Honesty is the way

Amazing content all across your episodes. Just listened to Serge Faguet and absolutely enjoyed it. Takeaway: vulnerability and some drugs names this unfocused, highly creative woman would love to try !! Also book Lying! To think about: if writing this review is worth being out of focus or is it more important and fulfilling at the end to show gratitude! Real connections take time, I personally believe there is no substitute for that!!! That said, I do envy Serge’s capacity to focus. If he were to meet me, I am sure he’ll envy my equal capacity to connect ! a HUgE fan of your show ! Keep it up.

Awesome content

I first found Kevin when he appeared on Tim Ferris’s first podcast! They have both grown so much in their content and their depth of vulnerability! I love all the health and anti-aging content! Matthew Walker’s interview on sleep was outstanding! I plan to read his book next! Thank you Kevin, for all your great content! Your podcast, Tim’s and an occasional JRE are my favorites! Much love, keep up the good work!

Genuine, Trustworthy, Excellent Content

Grateful fan of Kevin's as well as his wife Darya and his buddy Tim Ferriss. Great people putting out great content. I always gain something from your hard work. Thank you, Kevin!!

High signal to noise ratio

Great job Kevin and team. Keep it up.

Kevin delivers

If you like The Tim Ferris show, you would like this. Entertainment quality two words come to mind when listening to this podcast


Love it! Diggnation reunion!!!


This is a beautiful podcast. Please listen to his latest AMA -ask me anything. Terrific advice!! Five stars!!! Thank you Kevin!!! Great stuff!!!!!


I really enjoy Kevin’s podcast.

Food for the soul.

Kevin has evolved into a wonderful and thoughtful human being. A pleasure to listen and learn.

Great insights

Good questions, hosts and a ton of interesting insight

From good to great

Kevin’s podcasts have always been interesting, and some recent ones are truly fascinating!

Great information

I've gotten so much great health information from Kevin's show. The numerous things I learned and have applied to my life have benefit me in positive ways.

Useful & clear

Kevin's info is valuable and useful. I usually come away with a few actionable bullet points. TF’s stuff is super-interesting, but Kevin’s is more relatable and therefore a better use of my listening time. Please keep up the great content. Speaking of great content, I miss Foundation interviews :(

A Master at work!

Kevin Rose has always demonstrated a tremendous talent for podcasting. His current series proves that he has no intention of lessening his vast influence on modern culture anytime soon. Truly Epic meaningful content as always. His conveyance of important & relevantly-interesting topics, is seemingly effortless and blatantly flawless in its delivery. At this point, I’d expect no less from him. After all, he has lead and paved the way for sooo many others to enter and achieve success in the genre of podcasts. One of the true pioneers of obtaining world wide audiences via that medium, his following still remains one of adoration and of iconic status. I for one feel we are very fortunate to still receive content from arguably the best to have ever done it!

One of the top podcasts for living a better life

Kevin is amazing at getting a clear picture and advice on important subjects

Excellent Podcast on Michael P Walker

This is the second interview I’ve listened to with Michael P Walker and found this podcast to be extremely well done. Questions that apply to our current society and asking the questions we all want to know the answers to. Well done, Kevin!