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Different Than Your Typical Podcast

Great podcast. He knows how to interview entrepreneurs and talk about things that matter versus how they started their business.

Kevin Rose Show

Excellent podcast! His guests and health topics are loaded with useful info. I listen while on the treadmill warming up for weights. A must hear podcast.

Love this podcast!

Huge fan. Very insightful and useful. Covers lots of different topics from crypto to mushrooms to productivity to tech, etc.

Love the Show!

I feel very fortunate to have discovered The Kevin Rose Show. From what I can tell, Kevin is an easy talking, down to earth good guy who interviews interesting guests and explores topics that I personally find very interesting. I started from the first episode and am working my through every show on my commute to work and when I'm in the gym. It could have something to do with entering my 40's at the same time as Kevin, but I relate well to his personality and interests. Next, I plan to sign up for the newsletter. Thanks Kevin. I genuinely appreciate the work you do.

Hey Kevs

Love the show! Great source of curiosity. Keep the episodes coming! Cheers!

Great show

Great show, great guests makes me think consistently. One of my few of go to podcasts that never fails to disappoint. Always learn something new.

Top Notch Podcast

Kevin does a wonderful job on his podcast. He has a lot of great guests and gives them plenty of room to talk, while also making sure to ask pertinent questions. Definitely check out the podcast with Jim Kwik! It's excellent. As are the rest I have listened to. Plus he coined TimTimTalkTalk. It's the other half of The Random Show standing on his own, and it is well worth your time.

Great podcast

I prefer Kevin to Tim Ferriss I just wish Kevin would do more podcasts. He’s so real and asks really good questions. He gets great guests and always interesting topics.

absolutely best podcast

the least BS podcast out there. I love how rare it is and how Kevin shares his favorite and well researched topics. The guests are first class, and now that we have show notes its a 10/10. i stop what im doing when i see a new KRS episode pop up !

Would give 6 Stars if I could

I’m an avid listener of podcasts, yet this is my first Podcast review. Kevin Rose’s show is the one podcast I absolutely look forward to receiving. Kevin interviews fascinating guests, and he asks fantastic questions. I would rate the Kevin Rose Show with 6 stars if I could. Such a great source of useful immediately actionable information. Thank you for putting together an awesome resource, Kevin.

life changing

The interview on sleep has changed my life. Jim Kwik's memory/brain podcast was even more beneficial. Will be listening to consciousness next. Great work, Kevin, keep it up.

Kevin's Curiosity is Contagious

Kevin is so down to Earth and is a calming presence on every episode. He brings in great guests, some I already know, and many others I don't, across a wide range of topics. Kevin always asks his guests the questions I'm thinking and does so in a consistently thoughtful and respectful manner. Most of the podcasts revolve around some aspect of self-improvement, especially biohacking and the quantified self, but there is enough variety that it's always intriguing. Keep it up Kevin!


Kevin’s show is incredibly well-rounded for curious people who love to learn. He’s also able to bring amazing guests on the show. It’s become of one of my new favorites!

My #1 Podcast!

Thank you Kevin for putting in the work. Your podcast is inspiring and intelectually stimulating at the same time. Please continue the great work! David

Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you for the great show Kevin. I’ve slowly been working my way through from the beginning and your content always inspires me to dig a little deeper with your guests. Thanks again.

Good stuff

Appreciate this podcast coming from Portland Oregon USA. Lots of valuable life lessons.

Love the program

I have listened to this podcast for a while and have to say that I look forward to every new episode. Quality over quantity. My only critique is that I cringe a little when I hear Kevin say that more reviews will lead to having “better” guests—when to me most of the guests have been excellent. Maybe there is another way to say that? Love the show, thanks Kevin!

Kevin will always be awesome

Love hearing you talk about subjects you love and participate in. Please keep it up!

Great show!

I love the show, I’m a big fan of Kevin, fist heard of him on Tim Ferriss show. He seems like a very honest guy, he truly wants to help people and he brings great guests. I’ve learned a lot so far and I’m looking forward to what’s to come. Thank you Kevin!

Kevin Rose Podcast

Kevin podcasts are so informative and he is such a great interviewer. He asks the questions you want to hear and he gets guests from all walks of life. Too bad he doesn’t do more podcasts but I guess less is more. Keep the good work Kevin.

Greatest Undiscovered Inspirationalist

I've watched / listened to and follwoed Kevin's relentless exploration of intellect and spirit since its public inception. Underneath a very humble, chamelion-like facade, is one of the most driven, disciplined, and sincere searchers of his generation. Before it's siad and done, Kevin Rose will be recognized for his personal and social innovations and discoveries, until then, he shall remain our secret treasure. By the way Kev, Thanks -- you made me a milliomaire (really). And if the person who takes my words to heart and studies not only your present work, but delves into your heroic backlog, he/she will quickly understand how very possible, even probable that would've been for someone who let lesson after lesson sink in.

One of my favorites podcasts

Thanks Kevin! I really dig this podcast and the guests that you bring are gold👍🏼👍🏼

Self Optimization

Kevin Rose is an excellent interviewer. He does a great job of making the guest shine while also adding value to the show with his comments. I have loved every episode.

Always excited when there’s a new show

Been following Kevin since the tech tv days. It’s amazing how far this guy has come. Always great guests. I plan to go back and hear all the shows I’ve missed.

Insightful, useful podcast

I love this podcast! Kevin is a superb interviewer. He asks great questions and actually listens to the answers. He's curious, insightful, and enjoyable to listen to. He picks fascinating topics and finds great people to interview. Keep them coming!

Great Podcast

I like this podcast because it is packed with content. Kevin keeps it short and sweet and doesn’t get sidetracked. He asks great questions to amazing guests. Highly recommend this podcast for a good way to get new information and hear from unique and interesting guests.

Great mix of Tech and Life

I’ve been following Kevin since the early days and really love the content he puts out. I listen to this podcast all the time in the car especially on tech, life hacking, and just generally good ideas that I otherwise wouldn’t learn about. I highly recommend this podcast - much of the learning here is immediately actionable.

Homerun every episode

You benefit by subscribing to this podcast. I don't often subscribe to Podcasts because episodes can end up feeling like obligations. Not with this podcast. I'm excited to listen every single time Kevin uploads a new episode. Do yourself a favor and subscribe now. You know you don't get enough of Kevin on Tim Tim talk talk.

What’s not to like? Solid podcast!

Great format, love the intro how Kevin gives us a quick outline and provides his personal experience with how the guests are positively impacting his life. None of the episodes feel drawn out, in fact when he wraps up, I’m often left wanting more. I find myself frequently researching more info about the guest. Each episode is thick, full of info. Detailed show notes is icing on the cake, helps very much in retaining the subject manner.


Kevin Rose is a breath of fresh air in the podcasting world. Thank you for your genuineness and top quality work!