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Glad It's Back

I re-found The Journal after the most recent Random Show podcast with Tim Ferrisss. Just binged all of the episodes and loved every minute. Can't wait for more content!


I miss these types of tech/business conversations.

Great podcast

Great podcast

Don't pass on the ability to enter the mind of any great / That is no less true here.

Kevin Rose has an incredible knack and insight into the tech world along with being a great, down-to-earth guy - the connections don't hurt either. Put them all together on a podcast, and you get an engaging conversation between two brilliant minds not just in the tech industry but with keys on how to do life. These folks didn't build their empires of sorts just by chance or by only being good at that. This offers tips and hints on simply how to live, connect, and grow as a leader regardless the desire or current task of being an entrepeneur. Worth every listen.


Good head on his shoulders and always calm and insightful when probing ing the how's and whys behind successful people.

Thank you Kevin.

This podcast is fantastic, Kevin get's a variety of guests and is always asking probing questions that get to the heart of what each of his guests does. Kevin isn't just a tech expert and entrepreneur, but he's also spiritual and fascinated with the world and he isn't afraid to share that with us and to squeeze that same passion out from his guests. If you are a fan of Kevins past work, this podcast, I think, is perfect for you. The newsletter is also highly recommended. In a climate where we are inundated with tons of information as the internet matures, its so nice to have a filter for inspirational and fascinating stories as well as helpful tips and bits of guidence from Kevin. Kevin, you have always been an inspiration to me, I began watching you in 2007 on Diggnation when I was 13 and continued to follow the Foundation series and your exploits with Milk and Oink etc. I was there every week with you, Alex, Prager, and Hippie Glen learning about the fronteir of technologies being built in silicon valley and seeing that emerging world through your experienced eyes. I even still have the tins from the Adagio teas sampler packs you guys made for Christmas one year. Your passion for technology and ambition were what inspired me to aspire to become an entrepreneur and to choose the combination of business administration and technology application in my degree. I am well on way to an exciting career and I owe a lot of my passion to those formative years 'sitting on the couch' with you guys talking about tech, only I wasnt drinking a 40 ;) Thank you so much for everything that you do Kevin, I know that I would not have been the same person I am today without your content and perspective. I hope to be able to meet you one day and maybe join you and Alex for a drink on a Diggnation reunion show.


Love the variety and the depth