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Kevin sources great guests and pulls back the curtain for your benefit.

Kevin sources great guests and pulls back the curtain for your benefit.

Love this podcast! So interesting.

I found Kevin Rose through Gary Vaynerchuk. I'm a big of Gary's and Kevin had interviewed him so I listened to the podcast. I thought Kevin was a great thoughtful interviewer and it made me want to listen to more of his other podcasts. I find his podcasts are so intriguing and informative to me that I end up saving them and listening again. He's definitely worth the listen.

Great show from Kevin

Like your show and the angle which you are taking regarding health in the tech age. Keep it up!

Smart, interesting, quality production

I just finished Kevin's podcast exploring stoicism. I really enjoyed the pod and am IU impressed by the valuable content and production value.

Amazing Podcast....Must listen!

Amazing Podcast....Must listen!

A great podcast for all entrepreneurs and investors

Just an awesome interview for anyone wanting to know more about startups, investing or just good companies. Thank you!

Kevin's a beast and his podcast is A1

Love all the interviews I've heard so far! The one with Gary is one of his best and he's literally done 1382 interviews at this point. I'm excited to continue to follow as well as the newsletter at ;)

Always thoughtful and insightful

Kevin Rose is a great interviewer who chooses great guests and gets them talking. He is so great at "getting out of the way" and letting these facinating peole shine. Highly recomended.


This podcast is utterly fascinating utterly.

From Small Beginnings

Unexpected show. As much as I follow Kevin Rose, I didn't catch this podcast until now. I only covered the Google Ventures episode, but wow, i'm impressed. It has Kevin's level of quality to it. #beingbackoink

Packed with insightful information

I've really enjoyed listening to Kevin. Packed with great information from leaders in the tech industry. Just the right length.

Great entrepreneurship primer or continuing education

Kevin does a great job in bringing top notch guests and discussion that is timely and relevant. He has a nice long-form interview style that allows us to learn more about the guest, Kevin and gain some true insider exposure beyond the typical "entrepreneurship hype" you hear from other sources. Regardless of your experience, this is a great pod for staying in touch or learning something new. Good stuff Kevin!!

Kevin always delivers

From Digg, to Foundation, now to the Kevin Rose show, Kevin always delivers. I've already learned a tremendous amount from his first few episodes. Great guests, great show, and looking forward to future episodes. Great work.

For the intellectually curious

Behind Kevin's laid back demeanor and super easy going approach is a super curious mind. He seems to have a philosophy / approach to life that resembles the Japanese concept of Kaizen. Totally Digg this podcast! If you are looking to live a better life and into continuous learning spending a little time with Kevin is worthwhile. For a little more insight into his humor and another side of him listen to some of his podcasts with Tim Ferriss on the Random Show and Tim's pod...

Awesome show!

As a tech-consumer, I love learning about how industry pros think about products, technology, investing, startups, etc. The body hacks are always intersting! At the 18:30 mark of the Bill Maris podcast (6/22/17), Bill eludes to a cryptocurrency podcast that you recommended to him? What is the pod? I don't think I've caught it in The Journal either.

Pretty good

Interesting stuff

Full of interesting knowledge

Kevin does a great job of uncovering interesting and valuable facts about people, places and things. Highly worth your time.

Love it! Always interesting

I have followed Kevin Rose for years. He's always interesting and informative! I, also, subscribe to his email. Keep up the awesome work!


This is a very good podcast and the information Kevin and his guests provide is very diverse and useful. Good job Kevin.

Love it.

Just listened to the Gary V episode and I'm hooked. Kevin has a great way of asking meaningful questions and pulling it fantastic answers.

A must subscribe podcast if you love the tech industry

I have been a huge fan of Kevin for a long time. TechTV, screensavors, diggnation, etc. he is a must follow if you are in the world of tech. He also branches out and has a lot of interesting hobbies and interests such as minimalism, high quality tea, and mediation. I love this podcast and can't wait for more episodes

Actually a great interviewer

Very good at not being an annoying interviewer (which is hard). Chemistry with guests is really great.

Please stick with it Kevin

Kevin has self-admitted that he gets bored with projects and stops. Here's hoping that this has changed for him and he stays with this for a while. Look forward to more!

I like it.

Its a podcast I enjoy listening to - I have nothing negative to say about it. I'll stop listening when it gets boring or the content gets repetitive. Stop being so negative. Its a podcast.

Gary V's interview

Great work Kevin with Gary's interview. Good friend to have. He loves your work, so looking to subscribe to your podcast to listen to great content. Thank you

Engaging conversation

This is the first of Kevin Rose's podcasts that I have heard. The interview with Gary V., who I had never heard of, was quite engaging. Kevin Rose and Gary obviously have a lot of shared history, partially enjoyable and partially distracting from some of the most interesting tangents of the conversation. The underlying positive and humble (probably not the word typically used to describe Gary) aspects of both come through, which is refreshing given the successes and positions both have reached. It kept me engaged and is worth listening to.

Tech TV

Been a fan since the tech TV days!!

Kevin Rose is a a great influencer

Thanks for sharing these great insights!

Glad It's Back

I re-found The Journal after the most recent Random Show podcast with Tim Ferrisss. Just binged all of the episodes and loved every minute. Can't wait for more content!


I miss these types of tech/business conversations.