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Great find and great interviewer

I just listened to the one with Alex Albrecht and it brought back happy memories! Looking forward to the rest of the shows!

Great Stuff!

So far my favorite is with Ronda Patrick. Hearing what she has to say is life-changing, literally.

A little too long…

Love the podcast but wish it came out more often.

Great host

Love Kevin as a host. Top 3 favorites for sure. No more sleep episodes though please lol

great show with consistently interesting guests.

would be a 5 ☆ review but it doesn’t come out frequently enough.


Kevins show is fantastic! He keeps each episode engaging, informative and always leaving me wanting more! Highly recommend the listen!

Awesome podcast

Please keep the episodes coming!

Helpful Information

Calm Kind Connected & Creative. , !

The Kevin Rose Show

I've been a long time fan of Kevin and his work. Very smart and informative. He's also on the cutting edge of cool and important things happening. I only listen to a handful of podcasts and Kevin’s podcast is one of the ones I look to see everyday if a new one drops.

What’s not to LOVE!!

Every episode brings me so much learning and entertainment. Even if I don’t know who the guest is, I listen since Kevin is just so well prepared and so engaging. In need a notebook to take notes every time. So much enlightenment!!!

Lots of hidden gems in these episodes

Really enjoying the show. I feel a little bit smarter after each episode.

Nerding out

Kevin nerds out on the most niche things in the best ways with incredibly intelligent people.

Excellent topic/guest selection, clean interviews

Kevin is on the pulse of whats cutting edge and interesting and is an excellent interviewer.

Great conversations

The topics are fantastic. I really enjoy the pacing and the questions that Kevin asks and the responses that the guests give.

Really insightful, Kevin Rose is a wonderful host

There’s just something really likable about Kevin Rose; he asks the right questions and knows the exact amount to talk about his own stuff and giving his guests a lot of room to discuss their ideas. I’ve been following him since the Diggnation days and attribute a lot of what I think and do from learnings from his discussions with others. Overall just a really outstanding podcast that I’m excited to hear more of going into 2020. Also Diggv3 > Reddit ;)

Accessible and stimulating

Kevin Rose strikes an excellent balance between going deep and staying casual. The conversations are well structured and cover quite a bit while making you want to learn more. Perfect to discover new topics and authors.

Awesome Podcast!!!

Kevin, host of The Kevin Rose Show, highlights all aspects of business, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Perfect for a man finding his tribe.

These podcasts are pleasant to the ear. I’ve found then to be extremely insightful in subjects and guests. Tim Ferriss and Sam Harris are two of my favorites- and if you want to get your mind blown consider gene printing technologies 🤯 thank you Kevin and team

Amazing information

Amazing information, I only wish it was more consistent.

Works every time

I've been following Kevin on and off for over a decade and really appreciate his interviewing style. Other podcasters talk too much about themselves or their products/endorsements and Kevin truly spends his time letting his guest speak. I enjoy it such much that I have listened to several podcasts from Kevin with subjects that I would have no interest in yet I walk away having learned something and being drawn in through the entirity of the inteview. Thank you.

Always learn something

One of those few podcasts that I look forward to - that's fun to listen to as well as a place where I always learn something.

The content is really KING

Thanks Kevin for your contribution. The topics are wildly interesting and different. To deliver content that teaches us something almost every time is tough to do.

Big Fan

I have been a big fan of Kevin since his days at TechTv. As he went on to create Digg and beyond. I love his pop cast , I have learned a lot from them and can wait to learn more .

Great work

Been a fan of Kevin’s since his TechTV days. Always quality and always funny.

My favorite podcast

Intelligent discussions with interesting people

Fantastic gift for us all

Kevin Rose has brought us one gift after another. Can’t recommend more.

One of the best podcasts out there!

Kevin Rose does a great job of interviewing his guests, and keeping the listener engaged. It never sounds like a formal discussion, but more like two friends talking and having a content rich conversation. This podcast also has a solid mix of subject mater experts, from a wide range of topics and fields. I find myself listening to this podcast as my default go-to more and more. Great job Kevin, keep up the good work.

Awesome Podcast!!

Kevin, host of The Kevin Rose Show, highlights all aspects of business, marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Different Than Your Typical Podcast

Great podcast. He knows how to interview entrepreneurs and talk about things that matter versus how they started their business.

Kevin Rose Show

Excellent podcast! His guests and health topics are loaded with useful info. I listen while on the treadmill warming up for weights. A must hear podcast.