The Kevin Rose Show

A Master at work!

Kevin Rose has always demonstrated a tremendous talent for podcasting. His current series proves that he has no intention of lessening his vast influence on modern culture anytime soon. Truly Epic meaningful content as always. His conveyance of important & relevantly-interesting topics, is seemingly effortless and blatantly flawless in its delivery.
At this point, I’d expect no less from him. After all, he has lead and paved the way for sooo many others to enter and achieve success in the genre of podcasts. One of the true pioneers of obtaining world wide audiences via that medium, his following still remains one of adoration and of iconic status. I for one feel we are very fortunate to still receive content from arguably the best to have ever done it!

May 13, 2018 by TheFatheroftheyear on Apple Podcasts

The Kevin Rose Show